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Please have a look at our most commonly asked questions. If you have a query that has not been answered below please use the Quick Contact at the bottom of the page and we will respond shortly.

How can you guarantee my rent?

Altwood works closely with Local Authorities, Private Investors and other Government Institutions to meet various housing needs. Unlike many other companies offering similar services, we are bound to tightly regulated commercial contracts which allow us to guarantee your rent. After 15 years and thousands of satisfied landlords, we have never defaulted on a single rental payment.

Do I have to deal with disrepair issues?

The Tenant will have direct access to our Maintenance Division which operates 24h a day, any minor repairs will be carried out by us day or night at no cost to you.

What happens if there is a delay between Tenancy changes?

Our rent guarantee ensures full payment 52 weeks a year regardless of whether your property is vacant or not.

What happens if the Tenant refuses to leave?

We will initiate the legal eviction process and you as the Landlord will not have to bear any eviction costs. We will continue to pay your rent until the property is vacated.

Do I have to inform my Lender?

Altwood has been successfully trading for 15 years, the Guaranteed Rent Leases that we issue have allowed our Landlords to satisfy their Lenders requirements and increase their portfolio size. We have facilitated numerous new property acquisitions on the back of our watertight rent guarantee.

What happens in the event the Tenant damages my property?

At the end of the agreed term we will hand back the property in its original condition save fair wear and tear. Any Tenant damage is rectified by us, at our cost. You do not have to deal with a Deposit Protection Service which will take time and in most cases not rule in your favour. Unlike many other ‘guaranteed rent’ schemes, we have no limit on the cost of repairing Tenant damage, intentional or otherwise.

Why can’t I just take out a Rent Protection Insurance policy to protect my income?

Like any insurance product, there are certain pitfalls. You will have to pay a monthly fee for this protection, often up to 20% of the monthly rent. Upon default by the Tenant, you will have to pay an excess which is often equivalent to 1 months’ rent. In most cases this benefit will cease after 6 months.

With our guaranteed rent lease, you will be paid regardless and you will not incur set-up fees, commissions or excess payments.

What happens if the Tenant in my property doesn’t pay?

Your guaranteed rent is totally independent of the Tenant’s circumstances, finances or ability to pay. Altwood does not collect rent from the Tenant therefore in this instance it makes no difference to us or your rental income.

“What happens to my property if your company stops trading?” is locked What happens to my property if your company stops trading?

Altwood Properties Limited has been trading for over 15 years, successfully managing hundreds of properties across London and the Home Counties. Due to our solid financial credibility and track record, this event is not likely to ever occur. However, our unique commercial framework agreements mean that you will still continue to be paid directly by our Stakeholders.

I see lots of companies offering to guarantee my rent, how are you any different?

Our cast-iron guarantees are defined in the company lease agreement that we draw up with you. Our agreement and commitment is to you. We do not rely on the tenant in your property to ensure you are paid. Unlike other companies your rent does not rely upon our judgement of the Tenant’s ability to pay. We do not enter into an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) or License agreements. This ensures that at all times we are in control of your rental payment and a risk of a default payment does not exist.

What bills am I liable for?

Whilst your property remains occupied, you will not have to pay any council tax or utility bills.

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