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If you are looking for a reliable and professional property management company, look no further than Altwood Properties. We have over fifteen years’ experience managing a vast portfolio of guaranteed rental properties in London.

Registration form

Fill in the registration form and we will arrange an appointment to come and view your property.

The Negotiator Visit

The negotiator visit

Once we have conducted an initial consultation, where one of our experienced letting agents will talk you through the various different services we offer, we will arrange for an experienced negotiator to visit your property. It is their job to evaluate your property and determine a competitive rental value. The rental value of your property will be based on its size, location and local rent levels. The negotiator visit will be carried out at a time most convenient to you and will be free of charge, whether you decide to continue with the process or not.


We will send you a formal offer letter detailing the agreed rental figure and terms.

Drawing up the lease


This contract will be between you and Altwood Properties and will outline the agreed term and rent level.

Agreed Term

The agreed term is the period of time we will manage your property for and guarantee rental payments. This term is completely flexible and will be negotiated according to your individual preferences.

Rent level

The rent level is the amount of money we will guarantee to pay into your nominated bank account each month. This will be discussed after the negotiator visit. Remember that we will always strive to achieve the highest rental rate for your property, as seeing as we do not charge fees or commission; it is in our best interests too.

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Free Survey

Before we can complete the lease, we will first need to carry out a routine check of your property to ensure it has all of the necessary requirements needed to rent it out to tenants. The routine check will involve evaluating both the interior and exterior of the property to ensure it is safe and in a good condition. If any improvements need to be carried out on the property before it can be let to tenants, we will discuss them with you and provide advice on how to go about them.

Electrical & Gas Safety Certificate

Electrical & Gas safety certificate

In order to rent out your property to tenants, you need to ensure that any electrical or gas appliances and piping in your property meets the necessary safety requirements. All rental properties must have a Gas Safe certification of compliance, issued by a Gas Safe registered contractor.

Before we can complete the lease we will need to be given a copy of the electrical and gas safety reports as evidence of compliance. Once we take over the management of your property, we will then organise for annual Gas Safe inspections to be carried out on your rental property.

The final inspection

Our surveyor will carry out a final inspection of the property prior to tenanting. A photographic inventory and condition report will be provided to you so that you can be sure at the end of the Lease, the property is handed back to you in its original condition.

Essential paperwork

  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Homecare Boiler Cover
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Asbestos Disclaimer

Completing the lease

Our legal department will assist you in completing the lease documentation and will take the time to clarify any queries you may have before signing.

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