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Benefits of Using Guaranteed Rent

Guarantee your rent

As your London property management company, we will guarantee the monthly rent of your property, regardless of its size and location. No matter whether your property is let, vacant or your tenants are not paying their rent for one reason or another, we will ensure that you are provided with fixed monthly payments. Your days of financial stresses are well and truly over!


Our experienced team of London based letting agent’s mission is to achieve the highest rate of rent for your property. Seeing as we do not charge you any fees, it is our interest to achieve the highest rent for your property. We have extensive knowledge of London and the lettings market and will be able to use it to our advantage when leasing your property.

No viewing or tenants to deal with

Choose to work with Altwood Properties and we’ll deal with it all on your behalf. There will be no need to carry out time consuming viewings or tricky reference checks and paperwork. Our experienced lettings team will do it all for you and we’ll even guarantee the rent throughout the lettings process.

Flexible leasing to suit you

Worried about getting tied into a lengthy contract? Don’t be! Altwood Properties offer flexible guaranreed rent property management contracts to landlords in London. We can guarantee rent in both the short term and long term, with flexible contracts from as little as six months to a period up to ten years. We provide bespoke guaranteed rent contracts that are designed to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Payments can start within 24 hours

We will send your first payment to your nominated account within twenty four hours of you signing up to our property management service. You will not have to wait until we find tenants for your property, as we will effectively become your tenant for the duration of the contract. Start earning money from your property straight away with the help of Altwood Properties.

No void periods

It does not matter whether your property is occupied or vacant, either way you will receive guaranteed rent payments from Altwood Properties. There is no need to worry about void periods, as even if your property is vacant or the tenants have not paid their rent, our guaranteed rent scheme means that we will still pay you. Secure regular income by working with our experienced property letting team.

No bills, no council tax & no worries

We aim to make letting your property a hassle-free process. From the minute you sign up to our guaranteed rental property management services, we will take full responsibility of your property’s utility bills and council tax. Our experienced lettings agents will ensure the accounts are changed into the correct nominated name, so they are no longer your responsibility. We make earning income from your property easy for you.

0% commission & no management fees

Altwood Properties are completely transparent about all costs. We will not charge you a single penny to set up a guaranteed rent contract, nor will we charge you tenant introduction fees. There are no commissions and absolutely no hidden extras to pay. Work with us and save yourself a significant amount of money. It really is a win-win situation for London based landlords.

Regular inspections

Altwood Properties understands just how important it is to keep your guaranteed rental property in tip top condition. This is why we carry our monthly inspections on all of the properties to manage. During the inspection, we will check that tenants are abiding to their tenancy agreement and keeping your property in a good condition. We will then email an inspection report to you for your peace of mind.

Fast guaranteed rental payments

Altwood Properties offer fast and reliable rental payments. We will pay your rent on the same day each month via BACS directly into your chosen bank account, allowing you to work out your budgets and pay your mortgage on time. With our guaranteed rent scheme, London landlords will never have to worry about not being able to meet their financial obligations again.

Properties returned in original condition

It is our aim to find the best tenants to live in your guaranteed rental property, but for your peace of mind we will ensure that your property is returned back to its original condition when they move out. If the interior of your property is damaged in some way, we will ensure it is fixed or replaced, preventing you from taking a financial hit.

Frequently asked questionsTypical rent protection insuranceAltwood’s guaranteed rent
How much does it cost?Between 6 and 12.5% of the monthly rent plus VAT. Fully managed services with rent protection policies are even more expensive at between 20 – 25% of the monthly rent.We will not charge you a single penny! Our Guaranteed Rent is free from set up fees, commissions and VAT.
Do I get charged more if there is more than one person on the tenancy agreement?Yes, you will pay more for every person added to the tenancy agreement.No, Altwood Properties will not charge you anything.
Do I still get my payment if the tenants fail to pay their rent?Yes but as it is an insurance policy, you will be charged excess (usually equivalent to one month’s rent).Yes, if you have a signed a Guaranteed Rent contract with Altwood, your payments will be made throughout the agreed period.
Are there a limited number of payments I can receive if tenants continue not paying their rent?Yes, most policies only guarantee your rent for six months.No, we will continue to make payments to you whilst the property is managed by us.
When will I receive my first payment?Anywhere from immediately to up to 90 days after the start of the policy.Your payments will be made on the same pre-agreed day each month.
Will I need to attend court / get involved in the legal process if tenants fail to pay rent or break the tenancy agreement?Yes, the tenancy agreement is between you and the tenant so you will be required to attend court unless you instruct a solicitor to attend on your behalf.No, as your property management company, we will cover court costs and time on your behalf.
What happens if the tenancy agreement is not renewed and it becomes a periodic agreement?Your rent protection cover will be withdrawn.Nothing will change. We will continue to make your guaranteed payments.
What happens if you can’t find a tenant for my property?You will not be covered by rent protection for this.We will continue to make your guaranteed payments as agreed.

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