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Property Repairs & Maintenance

Here at Altwood Properties we understand just how important it is to keep your guaranteed rent properties in the best possible condition. As your property manager, we will take care of repairs and maintenance on your behalf, ensuring that any work carried out on your property is done so to the highest standards.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Regular repairs and maintenance are required on all guaranteed rental properties throughout the length of tenancies in order to keep them in a good condition. As your property management company, we will take care of organising repairs and maintenance on your behalf. We will source professional and reliable contractors to give you the peace of mind that any necessary work on your property will be carried out to the highest standards.

Property repairs

Gas Safety

In order to let a property, it is essential that all gas appliances and pipes remain in a good condition in order to prevent safety hazards and the risk of injury to anyone in the property. A Gas Safe and ACOPS approved contractor must check your property’s gas appliances and pipework annually and issue a certificate of compliance to the tenant. We can organise a Gas Safety inspection and report on your behalf.

Improving Your Home

Our experienced letting agents have a good understanding of what tenants look for in rental properties and how you can maximise their monthly rental value. After carrying out a free evaluation of your home, we will advise and recommend repairs and maintenance works that could be carried out to improve your property. With your permission, we will make the necessary changes on your behalf with the aim of making you more money.

Heating And Hot Water Breakdowns

If the heating or air con in your rental property breaks down, the tenants will simply be able to get in touch with our team and we will arrange for a qualified contractor to visit the property and make the necessary repairs. Work with Altwood Properties and you will never have to deal with urgent heating and air con breakdown issues again!

Improving Your Home

Looking for ways to make your rental property even more profitable? Our experienced letting agents are more than happy to talk you through your options. From simply updating its décor to improving security and installing new white goods, there are a number of things you can do to improve your property and increase its rental value. As your property manager, Altwood Properties will happily carry out all property maintenance and updates on your behalf.

Planned Maintenance

We will create a plan of maintenance for your property that is in the best interests of both you and your tenants. Planned maintenance for re-decorating, upgrading and renovations will help to keep your property in a good condition and ensure you are meeting health and safety requirements. A scheduled plan will also allow you to budget more effectively and prevent the financial hardship of unexpected repairs.

Leaks Or Blockages

Ever had a tenant call you in the middle of the night to report a leak or blockage at your property? It can be a real nightmare! Luckily for you, if you sign up to our property management service, we will repair any leaks and blockages for you. Instead of calling you at unearthly hours, the tenants will contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure your property is repaired.

Roofing Or Building Fabric Issues

Roofing and building fabric issues can affect the safety and well being of your tenants. We will carry out regular inspections of your property’s exterior and if necessary, include roofing and building fabric maintenance in your planned maintenance schedule. If urgent issues are reported, we will ensure they are dealt with immediately to keep your rental property and tenants safe and sound.

Quality Repairs And Maintenance

Altwood Properties understands just how important regular repairs and maintenance are in keeping your property in a good condition. As well as carrying out scheduled maintenance on your rental property, we will also be tenants’ first point of contact for urgent matters and will take care of them immediately. As the landlord, you will remain informed throughout the process and will always have the final approval on any repairs and maintenance planned for your property.

Hassle-Free Property Management

Altwood Properties will organise and supervise all maintenance and repairs on your property on your behalf, so you can sit back and enjoy being a landlord!

Best Contractors

Choose Altwood Properties as your property management company and have the peace of mind that only contractors capable of working to the highest standards will carry out maintenance and repairs on your property.

Best Rates

We work with reliable and professional contractors that offer high quality services at competitive rates, ensuring you never pay more than you have to for maintenance and repairs.

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