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The stress of being a landlord

According to the latest reports, one in four landlords say that letting property is more stressful than they ever could have imagined, with two thirds of landlords admitting they are more stressed now than a year ago.

The survey, which was conducted for the UK Landlord Tax show, found that the biggest contributors to landlords’ worries were late rent payments (58%); funding property maintenance and repairs (40%) and tax worries (38%).

Struggling to make money

Whilst three quarters of the landlords surveyed said that they would still be continuing to let out property over the next year, just over half of them said they didn’t expect to make any money from it.

So what can landlords do to eliminate their stresses and earn a better income from their rental properties? Well for starters, they can get in touch with the team here at Altwood Properties! We provide a fully outsourced property management service and guaranteed rent scheme.

Outsourcing property management and guaranteeing rent

Utilising a property management service means that landlords will no longer have to endure the stresses of letting out their property. We take care of everything from finding tenants to organising repairs and maintenance. Altwood Properties also offers a beneficial guaranteed rent scheme, which means that landlords are guaranteed monthly payments, whether their tenants pay their rent or not! We will ensure that they make a significant amount of money from their property lets.

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